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All boxes are not made equal!

All our boxes are what are termed ‘double–walled’ – this means they are made to be strong, be reusable and protect what you put in them.

When it comes to boxes, simple is best. To this end we supply 3 excellent boxes:

Small Double-Walled Box

small double walled box for moving

A small, strong box - ideal for books and other small heavy objects!

Large Double-Walled Box –

large double walled box for moving

One box to rule them all – a substantial large box that will meet most of your needs. (50cm x 50cm x 50cm)

Wardrobe Box with Rail

Yes, that’s right, a box that’s a wardrobe! This box stands upright, with a removable rail – you hang the clothes that you want to in it, seal it and off it goes

All boxes are provided flat and are very simple to assemble & don’t forget the tape! We’re happy to sell individual boxes, mix and match combinations or packs of 10 matching small/large/wardrobe.

Packing Materials


bubblewrap for moving

Great general protection or just fun for the kids! We can provide this by the metre, to your exact needs or as full rolls, small and large

Corrugated Card

corrugated card

This provides great protection for scratch–sensitive items that are too big for a box, not so much fun for the kids though. Again, we provide this by the metre or as a full roll

Wrapping Paper

wrapping paper for moving

Ideal for wrapping items as they go into a box – glasses, ornaments, kitchen items, etc. Sold in a big bumper pack with 1 pack meeting the needs of an average family move



Often forgotten, always needed. We provide tape that is designed for moving: very sticky, very strong – it’s not your typical brown tape

Mattress Covers

Very useful if you’re storing your mattress or just to protect it in transport. We have them for singles, doubles and king size

Paper Blankets

paper blanket for moving

Provided individually, these highly–durable paper blankets gives outstanding protection to sensitive surface and make great liners too


As with so many things, how much you need makes a big difference to how much you’ll need to pay for boxes and packing materials. Give us a call, we’ll be able to give you some help working out what you need and let you know exactly how much it will cost

TIP: Once you’ve got a good set of moving boxes – keep hold of them, they will last! Email us for a quote