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Storage with us is as it should be – simple and good value. Big brand self–store center’s are popping up all over the country and offering not a lot of space for the prices charged. We’ve taken a simple approach to storage – 2 different sized containers are available for you, at our Broadstairs warehouse. You pay a weekly rate for small or large and there is no minimum term, just work week to week, paying in advance – we understand that you don’t always know how long you’ll need to store for You can store anything you like in our containers (within reason...); furniture, motorbikes, moving boxes, everything you own. More details below

Container Sizes

Large Container – 10.5m² Measuring Approx: 6ft x 8ft x 8ft (W x D x H) A large container is very large indeed – large enough to accommodate approx 70 of our large moving boxes! Small Container – 7m2² Measuring Approx: 6ft x 8ft x 7ft (W x D x H) A small container is more modest in its capacity but still offers a lot of storage – large enough to accommodate approx 45 of our large moving boxes

Loading & Unloading

  • If you’re moving with us: We’ll take care of the loading for you as part of your move from home to store
  • If you’re using another firm: That’s easy too – let us know when they’ll be here and we’ll have your container ready at our loading bay for them to unload directly into
  • Self–Store: If you want to come and load your container yourself, that’s okay with us. Just let us know when you want to load it and we’ll have it waiting for you

Visiting to Add / Remove Items

We charge per visit for this, we don’t include it in the weekly charge, as people are often surprised how rarely they visit their stored items – it would be unfair of us to charge assuming you will visit For any storage over 4 weeks, we include 1 free top-up/removal visit free of charge